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We manufacture a range of Austenitic Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel Wire providing an essential corrosion resistant range of products to the Offshore, Renewable Energy and Mining Industries. Our three centuries worth of Manufacturing can provide you with the reassurance, product


Here at Webster & Horsfall we produce some of the finest quality wire used for this most demanding industry.  Our specific processes of Surface Defect Removal and Precision Wire Drawing can produce products which you can depend upon to meet your application.   We have approval from numerous companies such as:-

Rolls Royce, BAE, BAE Systems Military, Airbus, Hawker Beachcraft

These highly respected companies approval coupled with our ISO 9001 certificate for manufacturing guarantee that our products meet the highest standards within this industry.


The Marine industry is among the harshest environments for components to work.  The constant battle of corrosion is always at the forefront of concern. Here at Webster & Horsfall our range of Austenitic Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless steel wires provide the perfect solution to combat these corrosion worries. These wires are available from 0.1mm – 9.5mm. All our wires come with a variety of finishes to suit the most demanding of environments.

knowledge and technical ability to suit all of your demands.  Our centrally based location and large stocks guarantee that your demands can met at a moment’s notice.

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