Oil-tempered Wire for Springs


Applications Obtained by in-line hardening + tempering, these wires are
ideal for quality springs in high stress environments.
Where good mechanical properties are required.
Standards European Great
Germany U.S.A
Carbon Steel EN10270-2(C) BS 2803 093A65 DIN 17223 (pt2) VD A230
EN10270-2(C) BS 2803 094A65
EN10270-2(C) BS 2803 095A65 DIN 17223 (pt2) FD A229
Low Alloy Steel EN10270-2(CrV) BS 2803 735A50 DIN 17225 50Cr. V4 A231, A232
Chrome Vanadium EN10270-2SiCr) BS 2803 685A55 DIN 17225 67SiCr5 A401
Silicon Chrome
Chrome Vanadium
Silicon Chrome
.45mm – 9.5mm
3mm – 10mm
.76mm – 10mm
Chrome Vanadium
Silicon Chrome
1290 N/mm2 – 1690 N/mm2
1370 N/mm2 – 1820 N/mm2
1500 N/mm2 – 2250 N/mm2
Finish Black Oxide (controlled scale) with protective oil
Annealed All the above wires are available in the annealed,
or annealed and lightly drawn condition. For hardening and
tempering after spring formation.
Shaped The above can also be supplied in shaped wire.
(Please see separate sheet)
Packaging Catchweight coils up to 500 kgs
Cut lengths
Specific coil weights/sizes (See Packaging separate sheet)

Normal condition of supply is cast to fly straight, but all sizes can be cast to block if required.
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oil tempered wire for springs
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