Hard Drawn Spring Wire

Hard Drawn Spring Wire

ApplicationsFor mechanical spring manufacturing
StandardsEN 10270-1European
BS 5216Great Britain
NF A47-301France
DIN 172231Germany
ASTM A227+A228European
Diameter range0,1mm – 9,5mm
Tensile range930-3780 N/mm2
0,1mm2160 MPa3780 N/mm²
3,0mm1250 MPa2150 N/mm²
4,0mm1170 MPa1920 N/mm²
9,0mm940 MPa1540 N/mm²
9,5mm930 MPa1390 N/mm²
FinishPhosphate coated (plain)– Dry drawn wire with soap
lubricants (grey in colour)
Wet drawn– Oil drawn polished finished
Galvanised– Drawn after galvanizing
(wet or dry drawn)
Tinned– Final hot dip tin coat
Lished– Mechanically ground polish
finish (finally oiled)
Other finishes on request.
ShapedThe above can also be supplied in shaped wire.
(Please see separate sheet)
PackagingCatchweight coils
Reels/ spools (plastic)
Metal reels (up to 300 kg)
Cut lenghts
Specific coil weights/ sizes
(see Packaging separate sheet)

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Please note: Ordering is by weight and starts at 1kg

Length/Weight examples for spring steel wire (approx.):
1mm = 160m/kg

2mm = 40m/kg

5mm = 6.4m/kg