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Webster & Horsfall have been manufacturing and sourcing the best spring wires for over 300 years. We are able to manufacture, on-site, small quantities of stainless steel spring wire for gap fill and emergency supply. We can then source high quality, certified large quantities globally, to keep your production moving. Certified by major manufacturers across the world, we know we are the right choice for stainless steel spring wire supply. Contact us for more information.

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The following information is available as a download and direct from us. We always suggest you get the most up-to-date information and that usually means discussing your needs directly. We are happy to discuss the details to make sure you get the correct stainless steel spring wire specification.


ApplicationsCorrosion resistant stainless steel spring wire
EN 10270-3
BS 2056
NF A35-587
DIN 17224
ASTM A313+A580
Great Britain
Type 302, 316 or 321.
Diameter range0.1mm – 9.5mm (Type 302)
0.1mm – 4.0mm (Type 316 + 321)
Tensile range695 N/mm2 – 2600 N/mm2
Phosphate coated (plain)
Wet drawn
– Dry drawn wire with soap lubricants
– Oil drawn polished finish
– Mechanically ground polish finish
– Chemically degreased/desoaped
(in coil only)
ShapedThe above can also be supplied in shaped wire.
(Please see separate sheet)
PackagingCatchweight coils
Reels/spools (plastic)
Metal reels (up to 300 kgs)
Cut lengths
Specific coil weights/sizes
(see Packaging separate sheet)

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Please note: Ordering is by weight and starts at 1kg

Length/Weight examples for spring steel wire (approx.):
1mm = 160m/kg

2mm = 40m/kg

5mm = 6.4m/kg

stainless steel spring wire