UHT Carbon

Ultra High Tensile carbon steel for sweet wells with very low levels of H2s and CO2
  • The only UK manufacturer producing all of our Wirelines
    in our own ISO 9001 accredited factory.
  • All Wirelines exceed the requirements of API 9A
  • All Wirelines are 100% weld free
  • All Wirelines are supplied on painted steel reels
  • All lengths are available on request
  • All reels are packed with a unique protective wrap
    for secure transport
  • Wirelines are coated in custom developed inhibitors to
    further, prevent corrosion resistance
  • Stock held in the UK and strategic locations worldwide

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Chemical Analysis
Weight %0.9 Max0.15 – 0.350.4 – 0.70.02 Max0.025 Max0.10 – Max0.02 Max0.10 Max0.10 Max0.007 Max
Mechanical Properties
Wireline Diameter (in)Minimum Breaking Load (lbf)Typical Breaking Load (lbf)Minimum UTS (N/mm²)Typical UTS (N/mm²)Yield Strength (0.2% of PS)Elastic LimitModulus of Elasticity (N/mm²)Recommended Safe LoadSheave Diameter (in)Minimum Wraps
0.092″205021252120220080% UTS25% UTS18 X 10′60% UTS1124
0.108″273029452060222080% UTS25% UTS18 X 10′60% UTS1321
0.125″366538452060216080% UTS25% UTS18 X 10′60% UTS1521
0.140″460048252060216080% UTS25% UTS18 X 10′60% UTS1719
0.160″600561802060212080% UTS25% UTS18 X 10′60% UTS2015
Physical Properties
Wireline DiameterDensity (g/cm³)Coefficient of Liner Expansion (Mm/m/°C)Wireline Weight (lb/1000ft)Minimum Wireline Stretch (in/100ft/100lb)Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K)Specific Heat (j/kg.K)Resistivity (Ohm Cm)Magnetic Permeability
Corrosion Resistance
H²S + CO²Very poor, may be used in very low H²S (1-2ppm) + CO² (2-3%) with inhibitors
Chloride (Brine, salt etc.)Good – wire must be cleaned after use to prevent pitting
H²S + CO² + ChlorideExtremely poor due to the presence of H²S + CO²