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Wire Stock

Webster and Horsfall Ltd, Wire Stockist and Specialist Manufacturer We are proud to announce that we are now the UK distributor for Bekaert high carbon wire product and that we will be holding a large stock of finished wire in Phos/Galv/ZnAl/Oil Temp & Stainless...

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ZERON 100 The Cost Effective Solution

An eminent operator in the Far East has changed all alloy wireline work to Webster and Horsfall Slick ZERON 100HS wires after only 2 years of use. The change came about after usage data showed that the ZERON 100HS wires gave in excess of 3 times the life over other...

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Springs and Shock Absorbtion

Springs and Shock Absorbtion

It is natural for businesses would want to increase production by improving the rate and efficiency at which their machines work. Although speed alone might increase production, it has proven to be expensive int he long run due to damage to the products and the...

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Well Intervention Equipment

Well Intervention Equipment

Well Intervention Equipment On oil wells and oil rigs, the flaring up of fire is not something strange. People who work on oil wells have learnt to expect fires which is fire fighting equipment being on hand is so important. Fire extinguishing equipment, placement and...

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  • Aramco's IPO and oil prices
    Whatever it is, you wouldn't want to be the oil minister of Saudi Arabia. Forget the exciting remuneration, you'll have to have thick skin, extraordinarily embittered at that, to wade over the thankless challenges. For one, the Kingdom shows all signs of nervousness. Over that, September's drone strikes on Saudi oil facilities wiped out half […]
  • Tar sand mining gaining force
    The picture above the ground: The Boreal forest of Canada, a unique blend of pristine forests, water bodies, and wet lands. The picture below the ground: Tar sands, a source of oil, spread across 138,000 km2 of land. About 4.3 million hectares of the said forest has tar sand deposits. And, one or rather both […]
  • Oil Contango and its Effects on Oil Prices
    A cold wave has engulfed much of Europe, the US and Northern Asia. The resultant freezing temperature has led to a thirty percent surge in the demand for heating oil. With it, the heating oil prices reached a thirteen month high last week. And today, the price of oil per barrel is the highest in […]
  • Oil Caused Recession, Not Wall Street
    This essay brings a new perspective on the subject of the article oil-price.net titled "Did High Oil Prices cause the Financial Crash?" which we published in November 2009. There is a lot of oil about. A lot left in the ground and a lot being produced. Amidst the contention, it is easy to overlook that […]
  • Are Canadian Tar Sands Profitable?
    In order to ascertain whether Canadian tar sands are profitable, we need to understand exactly what they are. Tar sands are mixtures of naturally occurring clay and bitumen. Bitumen is a sticky tar like form of petroleum. However, bitumen is extremely thick and heavy and must be diluted before it can flow. As a consequence […]